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Question: Am 8 week pregnant.yesterday i did my 1st scan, gs 1.20cm and 5 weeks and 2days and crl 0.47 and 6 weeks 1 it normal? My dr said to take one more scan after 2 weeks...already i had 2 miscarriage thats y i'm so scared...taking folic acid, ecosprin and strone tablet and weekly one strone inj

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Answer: U need not to worry.. Just take proper diet.. Get your next scan done during 6th month... Take proper rest.. Avoid hot items... Take liquids more.. Like milk n juice... Its your beginning so u also can take protein.. Avoid dry fruits
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    Durga Prasa644 days ago

    Thank you 🙂

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Question: Doc, now i'm 2 months pregnant and i m taking folsafe, strone 200mg tab, weekly strone 200mg inj and ecosprin 75 tab...actually i have one miscarriage...this is my 2 question is ecosprin is good for my baby and me or not...
Answer: If your doctor have suggested you ecosprin, then you should take it as it helps in the growth of the baby it increase the blood supply to the uterus and ultimately increase the growth of the baby. Please take it it is safe.
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Question: My in laws are not agreeing to take me to a gynaecologist n i am already 6 weeks pregnant n they are saying to go after a month i am not taking any folic acid tablets will there be any problem with my baby. I am really scared any one with experience of not having folic acid tab and having a healthy baby ?
Answer: Hie Don't worry if you can't visit the gynaclogist as of now Try convincing your husband and make him understand the importance of visiting the gynsclogist at this point of time hopefully he would agree If he doesn't there are many natural source of folic acid and other essential nutrients vital for your baby proper growth and development Have lots of green and coloured vegetables. In your diet Include beans,legumes,lentils oats, soyabean,whole grains in your diet Have 2 glasses of milk everyday Include curd, Greek yogurt, paneer ,and cheese in your diet it would help with calcium Have 2-3 servings of fruits in a day Add ghee to your meal every day Have beetroot and carrot juice daily
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Question: I had gone with 2 times miscarriage. I am suffering from hypothyroidism for abt 1 yr. My thyroid level is presently normal . Doctor has prescribed ecosprin 75 to eat daily and even folic acid tablet too. And the guyno to whom i am consulting did not tell me the exact reason of miscarriage. I wanted to know can there b any other reason apart from thyroid to which i should take care of before conceiving
Answer: Dear the main reason must be thyroid only. Because thyroid didn't let the pregnancy progress because of high hormonal changes. So don't worry hopefully it is the only reason because if there would be any other reason your gynaecologist must have told you that.. so don't worry just stay positive and take your medicine properly and try to stay fit that's important.. hopefully you will enjoy a healthy pregnancy..
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