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Question: Am 7 th month pregnant ,i m getting continues sneezing since morning does it effect my baby .is there any problem

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Answer: Don't worry try milk with turmeric it will work still if you don't feel better ask your doctor for pregnancy safe medicine mostly they will prefer you home remedies
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Question: Hello. I am 7 month pregnant. Is there any harm effect on baby I am suffering from cough since 2 weeks. Pls tell me I m very scared.
Answer: Hello dear... It will not directly affect the baby,due to cold and cough,you can't eat well,so that your baby lack in getting nutrients ,in that way it may affect babies,so it is better to stay fit and healthy in pregnancy. These tips will help you in reducing cold and cough... Boil Tulsi leaves with little pepper and water,reduces to half,have that water for one week,it will be more effective in reducing cold and cough Have vapourisation with little. Tulsi leaves or Vick's,it will reduce cold Drink water,soups ,milk in warm temperature for cough Have milk with little pepper powder and palm sugar,best remedy for cold,can also have egg with little pepper and salt, for couple of days it will be effective If you are non vegetarian, drink chicken soup it will cure cold and cough soon
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Question: I am 4th month pregnant. I get sometime sneezing problem. Continues a day full I get sneezing cnt control. I am worried is der any problem
Answer: The only thing u would feels when you sneeze is a rocking sensation, which is more than likely comforting to her. The tightening you feel is the uterus clamping up momentarily, it is after all a muscle. You can sneeze a 100 times in a row and it wouldn't do her the least bit of damage
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Question: Hi, I m getting white discharge and I m in 7 th months pregnancy, Pls suggest is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear..white discharge during pregnancy is normal ,it is known as leukorrhea in pregnancy,it is usually thin,white,and mild smelling,it happen due to the production of estrogen,and blood flow increases around the vagina,to reduce white discharge, follow these steps it might be helpful for you.. Avoid oil and spicy foods Drink more water Add yogurt in your diet Wear loose and comfortable clothes Include banana,figs in your diet If your discharge is mild yellow or green,with foul smell,it can be due to any infection,so it is essential to seek doctors advice ‌
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