27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 6months pregnant now..Can i drink sprite now is there any problems??

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Answer: No dear Dont drink sprite in pregnancy. Try to avoid cold drinks in pregnancy as it contains caffeine. Instead of it u can drink water and juice to keep urself hydrated.
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    Varikuntla Sruthi841 days ago

    Its harm during pregnancy to have cold drinks better to have juices , butter milk,coconut water

Answer: No dear its very harm to have cold drinks during pregnancy u can have butter milk,coconut water, fruit juices
Answer: Pls try to avoid sprites and any other artificial beverages..drink only home made fruit juices
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Answer: It's better to avoid artifical (carbonated drinks)gas beverages.. Instead you take tender coconut (not to take tender coconut in empty stomach in early morning, intake after water or any solid foods)...☺
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Question: I am 3 months pregnant can i drink sprite
Answer: no...you should avoid all the soft drinks for they may cause harm to the baby...take ñatural drinks .. pls hit the like button if u found this ans helpful...thnk u
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Answer: Plz avoid aerated drinks in pregnancy.it has a bad effect on baby..
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