23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 6 months pregnant now, still am using my scooter for job. Is there any problem?

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Answer: Yes you should try avoiding scooter rides or try using a smooth way of going to your work place as in avoiding bumpy rides ..
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Question: Hai my wife is 6 months pregnant.. is there any problem for using steps to upstairs...
Answer: Not at all untill her doctor told her to bed rest or specifically said no to do this. Infact using stairs (1 floor) 2-4 times a day helps in keeping a mom active and then healthy delivery.
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Question: I am 5 months pregnant now. I am using sleeping tablets is there any problem for baby
Answer: Sleeping tablets should be avoided. Consult good doctor immediately
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Question: Still I am going for job.. It's one hour journey from my home.. Is there any problem with traveling
Answer: Any travelling short or long in last month's of pregnancy is not safe. Try to take leave.
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Question: Hi i am 34 week pregnant ..and i am still going for my job and travelling in bus is there any problem
Answer: Hi dear going on job is absolutely fine but by the mode of bus can be dangerous as if the road is more bump. At this time u should have a stable travel. Do go by car so that u r not getting bump and seat belt can give ur safety .
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