23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 6 months pregnant now, still am using my scooter for job. Is there any problem?

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Answer: Yes you should try avoiding scooter rides or try using a smooth way of going to your work place as in avoiding bumpy rides ..
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Question: now I am 7 months pregnant still my baby is not showing any movement is there any problem
Answer: Do not worry about ur baby movement. You should feel your baby's first movements, between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy.Sometimes, you may not even realize that they are moving because you are busy doing something and if u are really concerned then better consult ur doctor.
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Question: Hai my wife is 6 months pregnant.. is there any problem for using steps to upstairs...
Answer: Not at all untill her doctor told her to bed rest or specifically said no to do this. Infact using stairs (1 floor) 2-4 times a day helps in keeping a mom active and then healthy delivery.
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Question: Still I am going for job.. It's one hour journey from my home.. Is there any problem with traveling
Answer: Any travelling short or long in last month's of pregnancy is not safe. Try to take leave.
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