18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 5 months runing from yesterday, am experiencing too much or hairfall nd very dry skin, my lips are completely dried. Kindly advice.

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Answer: Plzz take lots of liquid.may b in form of water or juices or soups
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Question: My lips are getting very dried only at night. Day time it looks normal. Can someone advice
Answer: Hi dear dry lips because of the hormones coursing through your body, causing several chemical changes. It is commonly experienced during the first trimester of pregnancy and often worsens at night. Drink water more frequently, even if just a few sips because when body becomes dehydrated it cause dry lips. breathe through the nose at all times, even during sleeping, to prevent water from evaporating from your avoid drinking coffee during pregnancy.
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Question: My little one 2.5 months old he is suffering from hairfall and dandruff Kindly advice
Answer: Hi dear. hair fall and is it quite normal in small baby but if he is also suffering from dandruff then it clearly indicates that your baby has dryness in either scalp or hair so I would suggest you to apply coconut oil at least twice a day it will give much moisturization to your babies hair and will help curing dandruff . also make sure that we use in mild shampoo for your babies here which is para 3 and sulphur free .
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Question: am 5 month pregrant my face n lips are getting dried
Answer: Dear apply coconut oil dear on your face and lips dear.
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