37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 37 week when pain is coming

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Answer: Walk more.. drink lots of water..avoid elevator and use steps.. If u strain more the pains will come faster.. U can wait till ur EDD for natural pains.. If it doesn't happen naturally then your doctor will induce the pains.. Walk..walk.. walk and walk...All the best
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Question: When baby is drop?? 37 week pregnant
Answer: Hello dear generally women in their 1st pregnancy notice their baby has dropped about 2 weeks before they deliver.
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Question: I am 37 week pregnant when i got labour pain pls any tips
Answer: Hie Practice breathing patterns they are very helpful Divert your mind play your fav song on repeat Ice chips are also helpful Massage can be great to destress Think about your baby imagine him and you shall get the energy
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Question: Now am 37 week pregnant .... I feel more weight is coming towards vagina ... Pain in legs .. Is this sign of labor .. Please reply me soon any one plss
Answer: Hello, It is normal to feel more pressure on legs and lower part of abdomen because baby is preparing to come out and adjusting. It can be a sign but not surely. You can get yourself checked by doctor. Don't worry it happens.
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