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Question: Am 30weeks pregnant have low lying placenta 2.2cm from io

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Answer: Dear When egg is fertilized it attaches itself to the uterus and it can attach anywhere in the uterus but mostly it get attached on the lower part of uterus and it is called low lying placenta ..so extra care is needed in low lying placenta to avoid any complication. like don't sit on your foot, avoid sitting in standing for long time, don't lift any heavy things , avoid sex and usage of stairs.. don't exert your body much and take proper bed rest because that is really important....
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Question: Am now 30 weeks pregnant in my scan they said i hv low lying placenta 2.2cm from io. How to take take ?
Answer: Consult your doctor.. i think you should take rest
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Question: I have low lying placenta 2.2cm . what can I do
Answer: Rest rest and rest. Dnt walk or climb stairs. It will move upward when your belly will be bigger. But please do proper rest. Dnt sit and stand for long time.
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Question: Hello... mam i m 5mnth pregnant I have low lying placenta 1cm from io....and albumin trace in urine wht i do
Answer: Hi. dont worry dear As there are chances that your placenta would shift up. Placental migration does take place. However your gynaecologist will decide if your placenta is safely situated or not. If it is ....you have a good chance to deliver normally.Dont worry. If the placenta is low lying then you might have to have a c section. Anyways there are several criteria to decide if you'll have a normal or c-section. So don't keep worrying about this. Next Steps don't lift weights. avoid travel Do Pranayam(always consult your doctor before startinv anything new).. Health Tips repeat scan when you are 34weeks. Follow the advice of your gynaecologist.
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Question: i am 11 week pregnant and have low lying placenta and suffering from brown spotting
Answer: placenta may still move up in time for your baby to be born. By the end of pregnancy, There can be complications closer to the birth if it hasn't moved but nothing too serious. You may have to have a c-section..sometimes you can lose more blood with placenta previa but that is not very common.dont take stress..take proper rest n healthy diet.
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