3 months old baby

Question: Always my breast getting hard can baby consume milk is this normal or should do anything??,,

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Answer: Feed your baby when you feel hard. It becomes hard when your breast fill with more milk. nothing to worry if your baby is not lacthing then pump some milk.
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Question: My baby is not eating ceralac or formula milk ....he always prefer breast milk what should I do
Answer: Hi dear! If you have sufficient milk to give your baby, breast milk is the best when compared to formula milk or ceralac. The more breast milk you give the better for your baby. It will help to avoid infections and keep you as well as your baby healthy by building their immune system. Since your baby is 8 months, try other solids like ragi or home made cerelac porridge, steamed idli, sabudana khichdi, dal and rice etc and include lots of fruits like steamed apples, banana puree, water melon or papaya juice. These fruits will keep your baby hydrated and also she will start becoming less dependent on your breast milk and start to take solids. Post 6 months, only breast milk is not sufficient to fill the baby tummy so instead of formula milk or cerelac, try other alternatives which are healthy as stated above. Happy parenting.
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Question: My breast is getting hard is it normal?
Answer: It could be due to collecting of breastmilk so feed baby frequently till your breastfeed light and do hot compress and use breastpump to Express the milk.
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Question: my baby girl of 9 months always cry nd dnt eat anything except my breast milk...what should i do?
Answer: Firstly, try to find out the reason for cry. Then give all types of foods. Its very essential during this growing stage.
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