34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Along with pelvic region lower abdomen was also started paining little from yesterday...is it normal ?

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Answer: Hello dear,  you can feel signs and Symptoms of Labor toward the end of your pregnancy, you may experience a sensation of building pressure or cramping in your pelvic or rectal area. This pelvic cramping can feel very similar to monthly menstrual cramps. A dull pain in your lower back that comes and goes is common too. Try  prescription medicine,  Try heat. Put a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or a warm compress on your lower belly, or take a warm bath. Heat improves blood flow and may relieve pain.
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Question: Hii...since yesterday I have mild lower abdomen pain along with white discharge..is it normal?
Answer: Mild pain with discharge is normal but if the discharge is clean and just a discharge then it's completely normal as it's because of your vaginal area cleaning itself but if there is any symptoms like itching, smell, burning sensation with discharge then it can be because of infection and you must consult the doctor and treat infection otherwise there is nothing to worry about...
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Question: Sometimes feeling heaviness in lower abdomen near pelvic region....is it normal???
Answer: Heaviness in lower abdomen is common as baby is growing the size of uterus increases and the pressure of uterus comes on your pelvic region and also. till the end of 5th month you may feel movements of baby... So don't worry it's normal take proper rest
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Question: hi from yesterday i m getting stomach pain then motion is it normal n my lower abdomen is also paining..
Answer: Hi. Dont worry its normal. You may experience sharp pain due to the cramping that occurs from the uterus expanding. Gas and Bloating. Constipation occur during second trimester and can cause a sharp pain in the abdomen on either or both sides.
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