36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Again white discharge. Is it okay at this stage???

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Answer: you are now 36 weeks pregnant you are almost at the final stage of pregnancy. white discharge that is plane is nothing to worry about . If u find change in your discharge like a curdy or spotting or bleeding in a discharge . Then you must go and meet your doctor immediately . check if it is discharge or a gush of more liquid ..if plain discharge you can sit back and enjoy ur baby kicks.. congratulations on your arriving new born
Answer: White discharge means don't b afraid ... wear clean cotton cloths.. if any blood clot seems consult doctor
Answer: Hi Its quite normal dear...
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Question: Does white discharge normal at this stage
Answer: Hllo dear yes vaginal discharge s normal In pregnancy ..it called Leukorreha...as is thin ..white... milky.. nd mild smelling...its normal.nd nothing for u to worry abht...This s because the changing harmones of pregnancy can stimulate the vagina to increase production of this vaginal secretion. So nothing to worry abht take plenty of water ,juices ,buttermilk nd coconut water nd change ur panty twice a day .
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Question: White discharge is OK at this stage???
Answer: Hello%20dear...%0Ayes.it%20is%20normal%2Cwhite%20discharge%20happens%20due%20to%20blood%20flow%20around%20vagina%2Cfollow%20these%20remedies%20%2Cit%20might%20be%20helpful%20for%20you...%0AAvoid%20oil%20and%20spicy%20foods%0ADrink%20more%20water%0AAdd%20yogurt%20in%20your%20diet%0AWear%20loose%20and%20comfortable%20clothes%0AInclude%20banana%2Cfigs%20in%20your%20diet%0AIf%20your%20discharge%20is%20mild%20yellow%20or%20green%2Cplease%20consult%20doctor
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Question: Is white discharge normal at this stage
Answer: White discharge is normal in pregnancy if there is a smell,itching,and pain during urinating consult a doctor it may be due to infection. Use mild wash like v wash u will feel better happy pregnancy dear😃
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