14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After vomiting i vomit reddish tinge like sputum ..is it problematic or harmful in any kind...plz answer

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Question: Hey..What's d meaning of green water in vomiting? Is it problematic for baby or me? Plz help me..!
Answer: Green vomit means that you're vomiting digestive juices and bile... please consult with your gynecologist and get it treated immediately...
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Question: I feel like vomiting... But no vomit... Plz any suggestion plz
Answer: Hi.. You can try these remedies Morning sickness can be daunting especially in the mornings and if you are struggling to cope while work consider a few days sick leave to give you body some rest. 1. Try some lemon scent.. woman who sniff on lemons say they symptoms were reduced after sniffing on lemons. 2. Stay hydrated. Keep drinking water even if you feel the urge to hurl. Experts recommend upto 8 glasses of water. 3. Find foods that work for you and keeps you from running to the bathroom. Know that each pregnancy is unique and what worked for a freind might not necessarily work for you. 4. Eat little and eat often 5. Ginger has been know to help either as tea or have a small shaving with your meals 6. Sometimes you might just need to rest a bit to let the moment pass before you try again. 7. Try eating some fruit they are rich in nutrients and will help your growing baby Hope this helps!
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Question: I hv Reddish one drop discharge..is it problematic??? Plz tell me ...I hv tensed
Answer: Light spotting or bleeding is common in pregnancy until 12 weeks Check with the blood flow It's better to visit your doctor as your 13 weeks pregnant women
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