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Question: After taking dlot-n norethisterone tablets for 7 days when will i expect my periods??How much i have to wait??

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Answer: hi dear! your periods should come within 1 week dear. and if it does not come then you will have to meet your doctor dear. take care.
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Question: After delivery for how many days periods will lasts ?
Answer: Hello dear after delivery bleeding will last for 30-40 days.. it will be high or low sometime so don't worry .
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Question: My fertility day starts after 12 days . When I should start taking folic acid tablets
Answer: You can start from now... Ideally you should start 6 months before the pregnancy... So start from now dear.
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Question: After taking iron tablet how much gap for taking. Milk
Answer: For me the doctors advised to take milk prodcuts after 1hr 30 mins post having iron tablet
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