36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After taking 2 betnesol injection, my RBS value is 68.. and i am having very much sweating.. why this happen??

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Question: I feel very less baby movements for past two days after taking betnesol injection. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi, Changes in fetal activity ranging from reduction to cessation of fetal movements and also a non reactive nonstress test after steroid injection is a common observation.It is transient and the returns back to normal 24 hours after the last injection. So it is best to wait 24 hours. All the best.
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Question: Hi, I am shijina. 33week pregnant.. Today my doctor suggest 2 dose betnesol injection... what is the reason for this?? Is it any problem in my pregnancy? Why betnesol injection in this time??
Answer: Hello dear Betnesol injection is given in pregnancy if u are going to deliver a preterm baby to mature baby lungs. It is given 24 hrs prior to delivery. It is safe and given under doctor's guidance.
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Question: I am having little pain in my stomach for only few minutes after that pain gone why this is happen
Answer: Hello dear, these mild contractions generally don't cause actual pain, but feel more like a hardening or tightening of the uterus... Braxton Hicks usually last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and begin in the second trimester.. so don't worry this is common..
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