7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After taken candid v3 tablet ..is vagina realesd thick white dischrge ...i got today thick white dischrge including little bit pink colour ..i m so worried . Is it normal???

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Answer: U must consult doctor immediately
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Question: I m getting white and little light pink discharge is it normal it's cam little today is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear,hope you are enjoying Pregnancy period...white discharges are fine but any tinted discharge with brown,pink,green needs to be checked.though it could be normal but not to take chance ..my friend used to have brown spotting and was on hormonal suppliment,it helped her.hopenit helps you too.
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Question: I have taken (in vagina)candid v3 tablet at 10:30pm next day about 5.30pm white liquid comes out from vagina.is it dangerous for my baby??? Plz answer
Answer: Hello dear ...Its perfectly ok n it is not at all dangerous for ur baby ...v3tablet is given for any vaginal infections ...after insertion , if thr is any infection it will be elimated by the thick white discharge as its main work is to keep vagina infection free..Hope it helps😊
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Question: Today I had little thick white discharge. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear I can understand you are you but don't take tension. Clear watery or thick milky white discharge both considered normal in pregnancy.. drink plenty amount of water and always maintain your intimate hygiene in infection. Hope it helps.
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