1 months old baby

Question: After my c section it's been 1months n I'm having several pain like burning on my left side of my stomach isit happen in c section delivery is any suffer from this type of condition? Want to Know?

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Answer: Hey it does happen post delivery actully the uterus is shrinking back to its position which can cause this it will get fine as the time pass but if its severe or constant then do get it checked by doctor once..
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Question: Hi I'm getting burning sensation on my stomach any remedy please (c section done)
Answer: Dont take spicy and oily foods...add jeera to the boiling water and drink .. roast and grind fenugreek seeds these will help in relieve stomach problems and also helps in breast milk secretion..include alot of fruits in ur daily diet
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Question: I'm having in stomach like irritation burning and bulging type it's common or problem
Answer: Hello dear, gastric and acidity is very common during pregnancy, drink lots of water and eat little every few hours. Also don't take any medication without your doctor's consent
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Question: Hello...Dr. I'm eight months pregnant there is lot of burning on my upper side stomach skin on a specific area...I want to know why it's happening.?
Answer: Dear it's not a common symptom. It seems u have some Infection. During pregnancy. U may have sensitive skin and can get Infection easily
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