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Question: After many months of csection we shall use abdominal belt?

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Answer: After 6 weeks u can use the belt. But better to talk to your doctor before using it
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Question: After 7 months of csection can i use belly belt
Answer: U can use but it might not be that effective. But you can try and see.
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Question: After how many months of csection we can start excercise?
Answer: Hi.. Cesarean stitches are healed completely within the period of three months. However till then you can wear Maternity belt, it really works well towards excess tummy fat.
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Question: After csection after howmany days we can use abdomen belt
Answer: Pls wear belt after 1 months because the stitches should get healed. So wait for that. If you want to wear now, tie on ur tummy area only.
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