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Question: After iui wen pregnancy tk plc

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Question: Symptoms of pregnancy after iui?
Answer: Dear symptoms could be anything like a normal pregnancy like vomiting, lower abdomin pain, breast soreness, dizziness or there would be no symptoms at all and still your test may come positive. The pregnancy symptoms are general not mandatory and I have seen pregnancies without such symptoms as well and they are equally healthy pregnancies. Hope it helps.
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Question: What is iui? After iui got pregnancy , , how many times iui prefer successful
Answer: IUI is intrauterine insemination... In this process husband's sperms that are healthy, are inserted in women womb where they can meet women's eggs
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Question: after iui pregnancy symptoms today is my 12th day after iui
Answer: Hi thats a great sign I think after a week you should check for HPT it would hopefully positive. ALl the best!
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