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Question: After intercourse, the fluid comes out even after lying down for 30 minutes, what could be the problem. Want to conceive and trying for almost an year, all test done everything is good

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Question: Want to conceive but after intercourse almost sperm not staying comes out of vagina.. Is it OK or we should consult doctor..
Answer: How can you be so sure!! Only a effective drop is sufficient for making a baby.consult dox
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Question: After intercourse why all fluid comes out I am worry for this
Answer: Hi dear, Post intercourse the semen comes out during ejaculation.and the million sperms in semen travel or swim through the vagina to uterus to ovary or fallopian tube to fertilize with egg.usually out of million sperms that spills out of your vagina,some manage to swim increase the chances of fertilization,you must raise your bottom by placing pillows underneath for 5 minutes.due to gravity the semen keeps seeping out.
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Question: i have PCOD, and getting problem to conceive even after trying for 1 year. plz help me out
Answer: Go for regular check up to a good infertility specialist.There are many medications available with the help of which u can get pregnant. But go for visit in every cycle till u conceive.
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