18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After how many weeks 2nd level usg is taken

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Answer: Between 18-20 weeks level 2 usg will be taken
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant...my 1st usg is done after how many days i do 2nd usg
Answer: Hello.. 2nd USG is done between 12-13 weeks. It is a very important scan called NT scan where down syndrome abnormalities in baby is checked. Along with that scan one blood test is also done called Double Marker Test to be more sure. You should also consult about this with your doctor as these tests cant be done afterwards.Take care
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Question: After how many months 2nd level USG is taken
Answer: hi it should be taken in your second trimesterr you should undergo NT scan and anomaly scan in your second trimester which is very important it will help you to know if there are any birth defects in the baby or down syndrome
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Question: After first vaccine...how many days later 2nd vaccine should be taken to baby
Answer: Hi dear.. first vaccine is given just after the birth of baby ,second vaccine is given in 1.5 month and then third is given in 2.5 month.. you can ask your doctor to give vaccine schedule chart or you also can prepare yourself . Which will help you to track baby vaccine . Hope this will help
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