2 months old baby

Question: After how many days can a c-section person can intercourse

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Answer: Hello... Dear you can have intercourse after three months of delivery,if you have any pain or bleeding after that please consult doctor
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Question: After how many days of c section intercourse is allowed
Answer: Hi dear, after having a cesarean you will still need to wait about six weeks before having sex. You will have your six-week postpartum check-up at this time. Your doctor will want to ensure that your incision is healing well and that your postpartum bleeding has stopped.
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Question: How many days after can have intercourse after c section?
Answer: Hello dear U should wait atleast 6 weeks to have Intercourse, till ur stitches are completely healed up and also till ur doctors give u green signals that u are perfectly fine to have sex.
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Question: After c section for how many days ll have intercourse
Answer: Hi. You will need to wait atleast for 2-3 months. As you may see your stiches drying but inner stiches takes time to heal. So its advisable to start your sexual life after 2-3 month.
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