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Question: After how long do u get periods after miscarriage

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Answer: Hi.. Dear Most women will have a period within four to six weeks after the loss of a pregnancy, but it may take as long as two to three months before menstruation returns to normal. .. After a miscarriage, it can take time for your body to fully recover. This includes resuming menstruation. 
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Question: When do u get periods after delivery?
Answer: Hi dear it vary from person to person everyone's hormonal stability is not same few people get it just after delivery and few people get it after a year baby so it all depends because like after a C section delivery I got my periods just next month I mean I have never skipped any month but I have seen people after c-section getting it around after 4 months of 5 months back or 9 months in fact so it all depends and the there is nothing to be worried about but if you are sleeping and it is not happening then please take precautions while you are physically intimate.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How long it takes to get normal periods after delivery
Answer: Hi dear, It could take as long as one an half year.although I got my periods on 3 rd month post delivery.but few women get it quite is very normal,as hormones needs to settle and fall in place,it can take its own pace in each donot worry if it has been late for you.but at the same time observe if you are having any discomfort Luke heavyness or pain in abdomen.take precautions while having sex would be ovulating without periods,and there are chances of getting pregnant,if protection is not taken while sex.
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Question: How long does it take to conceive back after miscarriage??
Answer: It will happen immediately... But have a gap of 3 months
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