39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After few days suddenly started a heavy back pain and thighs pain and vaginal pressure and then suddenly visible it's ok ya labour sign ....

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Question: Heavy back pain is that sign of labour or it's common in this week??
Answer: Hello dear if you ha e uncontrollable pain it's better to visit your gynaecologist as soon as possible, hope your going to meet your little one 🤱😍
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Question: Belly dropped, pan in upper thighs and pelvis pressure is a sign of labour
Answer: It could be early signs of labour... however please consult with your gynecologist to know what exactly is happening.. thigh pain could be due to the sudden increase in your weight during pregnancy... which puts pressure on the sciatic nerve in your legs and results in pain...
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Question: Hiii I have suddenly back pain and vaginal pressure it's ok or not It's sign for labour is near....plzzz tell me
Answer: Hi friend labour pains are Not immediately but start slowly yes this can be a sign of the pri labours just check time when you are getting any pains. have pineapple papaya and castor oil and take a warm compress that will help. Safe birthing
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