3 years old baby

Question: After delivery of 6 month can we eat all types of fruits

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you don't eat fruits that cause cold. Take care.
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear you can eat all types of fruits.. After cesarean now..
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Question: Hi can we eat all types of vegetables and dry fruits after delivery????
Answer: Hi dear definitely you can have all types of vegetables and fruits after delivery just avoid junk fried food and and oily food. Hope this helps!
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Question: What all fruits can we eat after delivery ?
Answer: hello new mum congratulations for your delivery. You can eat all fruits except those that are citrus in nature. Orange,lemon, grapefruits,strawberries kiwi fruit, cherries and pineapple are to be avoided. Pomegranate grapes mango apples guava can be taken. you can take green papaya it helps in production of milk and will also help you with essential vitamins like a b c and e you can also eat apricots and bananas bananas can help you increase the Folic acid levels and they are rich in vitamins and minerals also another important fruit that you can take it is Chiku it provides strength and energy which is much needed by a new mother Cantaloupes and sweet melons are also amazing for new moms . Hope d answer was helpful.
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Question: Hi Team, can we eat all types of vegetables and dry fruits
Answer: Hi dear Surely u can but just make sure to aVoid vegetables which can give u gas like cauliflower cabbage brinjal radish. Rest all u can surely have.
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