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Question: After delivery how can I reduce my weight and stomach. Recently I got c-section

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Answer: Hi.. After your delivery, you can use a Maternity belt. During pregnancy, the wall of your abdomen stretch to accommodate a growing uterus. These over stretched muscles don't contract immediately after delivery, leaving flabby skin and fat around the abdomen. Wrapping the abdomen belt will help tighten and strengthen these muscles. Other than this, have non greasy food, avoid junk and sweets completely. Drink lot of fluids including water and juices. Try to include 30 minutes work out in your schedule. Initially it will be difficult, I understand, but, later on you can. If you follow this religiously, it will help you definitely.
Answer: to reduce ur stomatch u can use a maternity belt or tie tightly with cotton cloth. u can start reducing wt after u complete 6 months of delivery
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Question: How I can reduce weight after c section.... delivery was in January ... please suggest specially stomach
Answer: Hllo dear Increasing weight after delvry s a common problen for all womens ..so dear u should take healthy diet u r lacting mom .U should not stop food. Try these remedies it 'll helpful in weight loss .as go 4 walk daily 30min twice a day .Avoid oily spicy nd junk food. .Take warm water +honey +lemon .it's helpful in weight loss. Take 1 Apple per day it's also burn fat .Take plenty of water ,buttermilk ,coconut water ,lemonate .Take ginger tea ,green tea .it's also helpful try it. Take watermelon its 90 %of water .take fenugreek seeds after food .u can try bottle guard juice also .try it nd start doing exercise after 6 months of c section .
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Question: After c section i got belly stomach how to reduce
Answer: Hi It is sometimes difficult to reduce weight after pregnancy because of the initial wait you were having your weight depends on your height and stature.If you were of short height and have put on alot of weight, it would be a little longer before you achieve your targeted shape. it is important to maintain a vegetarian diet throughout the plan of reducing weight.The first mode of exercise is yoga which is best suitable after pregnancy because it improves overall blood circulation as well as takes care of body is joint so doing a hot yoga doing Surya Namaskar more than 30 times a day and following proper diet .Do not follow crash diets such as GM diet or cabbage soup diet these lights are very different in vitamins and minerals and can cost you a lot of joint pain and backache if you continue on such crash diets eating fruit serving 5 times a day always helps curb your carbohydrate eating tendency to just have. so you can eat one chapati and include plenty of salad in your meal times both lunches well as dinner if you had a twin pregnancy then it is important that you understand you will have some loose sagging tummy even after reducing your belly so just important that you discuss with your Dermatologist about the skin ligation procedure diode laser is performed to help reduce tummy which is very safe and has no side effects it is also known as tummy tuck in common layman term
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Question: How can i reduce my weight after c section ....i got operated 4 months earlier
Answer: Hi dear, Post pregnancy weight loss plan is little challenging as you donot want to compromised on breastmilk supply.crash diet or fad diets are not healthy in a long run ,as well as would effect your breastmilk supply.try to eat clean and avoid junk food completly.make sure you drink plenty of water to increase your metabolism.eat lot of fibres the help you feel full for long time.hqve everything that is healthy.like whole wheat flour,brown rice,oats,pulses, vegetables,fruits,dairy,proteins.avoid deep fried things,sugary food items,heavy salt foods.cutting down on sugar would help you alot.along with it you can start little exercises.but avoid high intensity workouts.walking ,jogging,Zumba , swimming are very good now.brestfeeding does wonders in loosing weight too.so keep brestfeeding to loose more weight.and weight loss needs to be gradual.so have patience you would get there.i took 9 months for you to gain tht weight ,so give some time to shed....
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