2 months old baby

Question: After delivery am loosing my weight,,,how to gain it back,,,please suggest me

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Answer: Hello, that's a very good thing that you are losing weight after delivery as this is the weight that you gaimed during Pregnancy that you are losing right now, and you should be happy about it that you are losing weight without dieting.
Answer: Take health food like every day take milk,dry fruits, fruits,miltes
Answer: Eat egg ghee malia banana
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Question: I am loosing weight after delivery. And my mouth is very weak. Please guide me how to gain weight and how to get fatty mouth
Answer: Hi dear, Loosing weight excessively could be risky and signs for some underlying issue.but usually breastfeeding mothers would loose weight rapidly.so intake of calories should increase.some ladies also have high metabolism,due to which they continue to loose weight.checj your thyroid level.hyperthyroidism would make a person loose weight faster.
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Question: I am loosing my weight and I want gain back.. how can I gain weight
Answer: Hi..Eat 6 times, eat more dry fruits, homemade dryfruit ladoo, whenever eating Dal add a spoon of ghee, aloo paratha, cheese paratha, soups before one hour of meal, if eating egg than one boiled egg everyday.. Homemade ice creams in small quantity.. Replace Salt with Himalayan pink Salt
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Question: I am loosing my weight quite fast after my pregnancy...how can i gain weight ??
Answer: Are you breastfeeding the child exclusively .then you should improve your diet...you should take more of fibers and proteins and carbohydrates.
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