2 months old baby

Question: After delivery,I get period two times in a month.is it safe?periods comes before 40 days

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Answer: hi dear it is normal for some people to have regular periods just after delivery in fact I myself have faced it I have never skipped my periods after delivery and it started just after the month of delivery so if you have faced some irregularity in the first month then I would say that the please don't worry check it for another couple of months and then inform your doctor otherwise it can happen it is sometimes irregular in the beginning and gets regulated normally after sometime.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I got my periods jst after 40 days of my normal delivery.... Is it normal?? N wen wil i get my next period
Answer: Hi. Ya thats normal....and also we cant guess next periods as your cycle ll be irregular after delivery also you might be breast feeding..take dates with milk daily it helps to regularize periods....
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Question: Is it ok...if I get periods even after 40 days of normal delivery...please suggest
Answer: hi dear this is not a problem at all. sometimes periods can come early and sometimes late also after delivery due to hormonal changes.but there is nothing to worry.
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Question: Im breastfeeding my baby.. And i got periods two times(in 2 months) after delivery which lasted only for two days each time.. Is it any problem? Before pregnancy my period used to last for 5-6 days.
Answer: Hello dear, its normal to get period right after post pregnancy bleeding and flow and days can be up down. So don't worry..
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