4 months old baby

Question: After delivery I am looking my hair from roots a lot means really a lot ? And my son is 4months old he is not going for motion what I gave to do ?

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Question: For the last two days my babys motion is going really hard and he is really struggling.what should I do???
Answer: Give him sufficient warm water and give honey .if ur baby taking solid food in few days that is natural.it will occur for some days . It will take time to digestive system to come in track.boil some sounf seed and give the water . Other wise try thymol crystal[ajwain ful] .take a pinch of crystal. Put at the end of a large spoon .than pour milk .give it to ur chield . The crystal piece should flow firtst .
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Question: My baby is 1 month 25days old he vomit a lot means after every feed he vomits 8times i am really worried please help me
Answer: Hi dear baby generally vomit when they drink more than they need or if u r not giving burp properly. Do always give a proper way of giving burp. To know the proper procedure u can see the video in healofy home page. Don't let tummy get pressed. Also do take atleast 15 to 20 mins to burp baby
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Question: My 4months old baby not passing poop from 2days..she is crying a lot..what to do
Answer: hie a baby can cry for a number of reasons it is normal for babies to not pass poop for 2-4 days it might probably be due to gas apply hing paste around your babys naval area, massage your babys tummy with gentle circular strokes, downwards and circular motion. bicycle legs help babies pass gas to a huge extent also avoid having gassy vegetables or food groups in your diet as what you eat i s visible in traces in your bresrt milk as welll.
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