16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After cervical stich can do sex

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Answer: Hello dear, try to avoid doing sex before 20 weeks.
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Question: Can we have sex during third trimester after cervical stiches?
Answer: Hi desr plz don't get involve k. Sex if u have cervical stitches. It is not good for ur health. It can affect ur stitches .
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Question: Am in second pregnancy. 1st I put cervical stitch. .is it need to this pregnancy also? Suppose its need mean can i use Indian toilet after cervical stich?
Answer: hi dear ! yes dear there is a possibility that you might have to take a cervical stitch again dear so to know this you might need it even earlier than last time it will depend on the physical examination done to see when you can have them . so dear you will not be able to use indian toilet after the stitch dear you can at the most sit up on the bed or sofa but most of the time its better to lie down on the bed and avoid any physical activity for some time. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: Dr advised me for cervical stich is it painful after ďoing this bed rest needed
Answer: Hello! Cervical stitches when done is not painful as you will be given anesthesia. Also bed rest is also required in case of cervical stitches is done. Take care
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