3 months old baby

Question: After c section, my period cycle get unstable. Having period after 20days. When it will be stable. Please help

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Question: when will i have my period after c section
Answer: Hello When ur baby is completely breastfed.the baby completely relies on the mother for nourishment needs due to the suckling the harmones get inhabited and ovulation does not take place so the period cycle does not happen. This can happen for weeks months or even a year sometimes as long as u breast feed you won't get ur normal period.
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Question: When will I get my periods after c section?
Answer: Hie Post delivery you may get your period as early as 3-4 months or it may take 12-14 months as well If you aren't breast feeding it generally comes by 3-5 months And if your breast feeding it might take 6-14 months It would come when your body is healed and prepared don't worry
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Question: After c section delivery when will be period starts..
Answer: In my first delivery my period started after one month..
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