3 months old baby

Question: After birth of my baby of doctor said his valves in heart are open...now sometime his breathing is very noisy...is he getting proper oxygen??what should i do now??

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Answer: Hi dear if you are babies under any kind of medication or treatment I think you should not worry but if the baby is not under any kind of medication or treatment and the breathing noisily you can take the baby to the pediatrician ones for checkup . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby has very less hair on his head since birth now he is 1 year old no increment in hair growth is observed what should I do.
Answer: Hi , u can try mamaearth's hair oil and shampoo for babies. They are very effective.
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Question: My baby of 51 days , has got discharge in nose and noisy breathing, what to do
Answer: This may be due to weather change. Use Nasoclear plain saline water drops, put one drops in each nostrils, it helps to clear the nasal passage. It's safe to use. Keep breastfeeding your baby aa keeping his/her hydrated this time is very essential. If your baby is uncomfortable please consult pediatrician do not give any over the counter medicine by yourself. Good luck
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Question: Hii mam....my baby is 8 days old now and his eyes are getting yellow now...what should i do...is it symbol of Jundice or what
Answer: Keep ur baby in sunlight openly means srf diaper pehnao baby ko or eyes cover karo baby ki baki kapda mat pehnaoh fr dhup me rahko at least half nd hour daily jb tak woh yellow jata nhi hai nd plus dr ko bhi refer karo app .mere baby ka bhi same tah i follow the same nd ab tik hai .
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