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Question: After C Section delivery , when a woman can start Gym & weight lifting & how much amount of weight lifting she is permitted? Is this restrictions will be with her for life long? Pls reply

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Question: When we will start yoga after C-section delivery
Answer: Hi dear u can do light yoga after getting advise from yoga instructor and can start full fledged exercise and yoga after 6 months of delivery if ur doctor is ok with it. I also started when my 6 months got over and before that I was doing breathing exercise and everyday walk.
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Question: After how much tym a woman should concieve if she had C-section delivery with first?.?
Answer: Dear my gynae said to take a gap of 3 years minimum. But that was needed if I wished to have a normal delivery second time. Also it is healthy as well as by this time the body is healed completely. Hope it helps.
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Question: When will be safe to start yoga after c section
Answer: They say after 6-8 months but don't go by internet information. You should talk to your doctor about it. Everybody's body is different and takes less or more time than others to heal.
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