9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After 9 th week scanning dr said 15mm cyst on left ovary.. but foetus growth is normal ..the cyst causes any problem problm??

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Answer: No dear it ll go... same thing wer fr me
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Question: After scanning i have a left ovary cyst 2.2×1.6 cms ...its cuause any problm to my baby
Answer: hi dear! no it wont cause nay problem to the baby dear. as it can be corpus luteum cyst and its ok if the cyst develops its very common to happen in pregnancy so dont worry . take care.
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Question: last period feb 20.after the scanning, doctor said my foetus growth 5weeks and 4 days ..any problem mam.
Answer: Hi dear, there is no problem. Everything is normal.
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Question: I had two follicles of size 17×15mm in the left ovary seen through ultrasound scanning on the 9th day of cycle, is there any chance of twins
Answer: Hi, to conceive twins either two eggs released by follicles has to be fertilized. this way the twins will be non identical. for identical twins your one embryo has to divide during early development.
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