31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After 5 months of c section i concieved again....will mu delivery be 15 days earlier from my due date

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Question: Is c section safe before 15 days of due date.
Answer: C sections are mostly preferred when position of baby is not cephalic or less amniotic fluid left. It is better to go for normal delivery any time as it won't harm your body as it is natural process than c section. Nowadays it has became a trend of c section delivery as doctors don't want to take any risk.
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Question: After. 5 months of c section m again pregnant
Answer: Nothing to worry dear. The second baby is as precious as the first one and God's gift. You must carry out the second pregnancy too. Consult with doctor and take necessary precautions. It's good that your first baby is getting a companion.
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Question: After my first c section second delivery will be again by c section or normal.
Answer: It could be normal or c section. Depends how your health is that point of time...your state of pregnancy ...how smooth and normal pregnancy has gone before any final call is taken by doctor.
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