33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Afi level 8.14 at 32 weeks... Is this normal? If not wat can i do to increase my fluid level?

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Answer: Yu should increase your fluid level... Normal range is 8-18... Your in border level...
Answer: Yes, its normal . AFI level should be around 8 to 18 during pregnancy.
Answer: 8 to 18 is normal. Drink tender coconut to increase fluid.
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Question: My AFI is 7...wat to do to increase level
Answer: Hello dear, One way to increase amniotic fluid volume and potentially avoid this condition is simply by drinking more water. The women were instructed to drink at least 2L of water daily. Their AFI was evaluated before and 1 week after the initiation of oral hydration. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: My fluid level is lower side AFI is 8cm in 33 weeks..what to do to increase fluid level ?
Answer: Hi sis...u r afi level is at broder only...so u can rectify it easily... Take lots of water more than 3 litres,thn take cocoanut water,juices,lots of buttermilk,thn watery veggies ...mosambi juice is best choice....if doctor prescribed arginine powder it will also works good...
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Question: I m 32 weeks pregnant n my amniotic fluid level low.... To increase level what can I do,??
Answer: Hello You cannot increase your ameotic fluid level naturally it has to be done medically please do speak to your doctor abt the options available to you.
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