1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Actually in last month I missed a period and I'm pregnant but later I had a problem of heavy gastric it's too burning my stomach, also fell my stomach full of heat and burning after 3days I lost it, now again I'm missing my period I'm fearing that this time what will happen to me if any suggestions for that

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Answer: Dear don't worry you should visit a doctor after one makeup confirming that you are pregnant you can be supported with some hormonal supplements that will help you with the growth of the baby take care
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    Abhishek Gowda676 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hlo i missed my period this mnth and i fell some chest pain stomach pain headache and like some vomiting plzzzz tell its a pregnancy symptoms
Answer: hi dear, if u have crossed 7 to 10days of missed periods then you can check with pregnancy test at home. there may be a chance of getting positive result.. wish you good luck
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Question: I feel that my stomach is full of gas and i am not fell well in sleeping... and i fell that my heartbeats is so fast... why????
Answer: Hi, gas is common during pregnancy. It is mainly due to slow digestion during pregnancy. However having buttermilk, saunf after meals does help. Also take coconut water, it relieves with gastric. Increased hear beat is common due to the excess blood in the body as a result the heart has to pump more. Hence nothing to worry.
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Question: I missed my period and later finding spottin 2 days later. Is this symtoms of pregnancy
Answer: Yes have a chance . The spotting may be implantation spotting so check ur pregnancy in kit after 2 days.. If line is dark pink then it's positive. Very light colour also sign of pregnancy.. So don't get panic..
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