7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Actually I'm a student, after becoming pregnant i have guidiness.... Can i continue my studies?

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Answer: Hello dear Feeling dizzy, faint, or light-headed during pregnancy is common. In most cases, these symptoms are part of the normal changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause ur blood vessels to relax and widen. U should take care when u feel dizzy so as to avoid falling, and the best thing to do is to sit or lie down until the feeling has passed.  So, dont worry. U can continue ur studies.
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    Bhavani Babu835 days ago

    Thank you so much... Your answer gives me some motivation to study...!! Thanks a lot..!

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Answer: Hello Once ur baby s 6 months old she ll be on semi solids as well invest in a good breast pump so u can pump as frequently as u can if u have a refrigerator then u can store it or get a portable cooler. It sounds hard but it's not. U don't have to carry ur cooler to n fro just make sure ur milk is in the cooler and whn ur leaving for ur classes take the container as breast milk can survive upto 1 hour without being spoilt. Feed ur baby in the morning and night. Try getting formula milk so ur baby can feed if your milk is decreasing.
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