11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: According to my lmp its 10 week and 2 days but at ultrasound gs is 11 week is it normal.

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Answer: Where s the difference mam... plus or minus One week difference is natural right...
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    Shilp I643 days ago


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Question: According to doc I am 20 week pregnant but according to ultrasound its 19 week 4 days +-2 week. Is there any problem in babys growth or its normal. According to lmp my edd is 25 feb but according to ultrasound its 15 march
Answer: Hi,as per the scan there is just a few days difference in lmp and gestational growth of the baby .which is normal and nothing to worry about . But you should discuss with your Dr that then why there is so much of difference in the edd dates of both . As if NW don't worry as we'd date as per scan can also change in future You should have a healthy diet which will help the baby to grow well .
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Question: Hi....according to my Lmp its 87 days...but in ultrasound its showing 95 days....is it normal???
Answer: Hi! Sometimes it can happen due to early ovulation or delay in ovulation and sometimes also the gap can be due to the gap between ultrasound and lmp the exact fertilization date in this kind of difference is absolutely normal .. Hope this helps!
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Question: According to lmp my baby is 31 weeks 4 days mature...but according to ultrasound maturity of baby is 30 weeks 2 days...it is normal or not
Answer: Hi, upto two weeks of growth lag is normal. There is nothing to worry. But try to increase the nutrition intake. Having a balanced diet is very important for the overall growth and development of the baby.
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