6 months old baby

Question: About the baby teeth

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Answer: Hello! Please repost your complete query, so that we can help you with it. Take care
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Question: Pls tell about natal teeth.
Answer: Dear Natal teeth are teeth that are present above the gumline (have already erupted) at birth. Often, these teeth are removed shortly after a baby is born. They're extracted to eliminate the risk of a baby breathing in a dislodged tooth. If your child's doctors think the teeth should remain in place, you'll need to care for the teeth very carefully to avoid damaging them. Clean the teeth by wiping them gently with a damp cloth. During these cleanings, check your child's gums and tongue to make sure the natal teeth aren't causing any injuries. Once more baby teeth start to erupt, you can start cleaning them with a baby toothbrush .
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Question: My baby frst teeth appears about a month before ... That is the lower one ... And now upper 4 teeth appears ... Is it normal ... No other teeth appears at lowr side ...
Answer: It ok my son had his first teeth after being born lower one and now being 8 months+ he is teething four uppers once don't worry it normal every baby have different teething .just give your baby calcium based diet and see a dentist and clean baby mouth every day.
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Question: Hi my baby is 7 month old and i am worried about his teeth, when teeth come
Answer: Dear some babies do get late teeth. Its completely normal. Baby can have teeth as late as 18 months. So dont worry hopefully baby will get his first tooth before his first birthday..
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