39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Aagar bleeding nahi huva tho normal delivary ka chances bhi kam hey kya

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Answer: Hi dear aisa kuch bhi nahi hai. Aapko agar labour pain suru hota hai ya phir water break baby drop ho tho hi sakta hai.
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Question: Today I faced very tough situation i.e. today doctor done my internal checkup but due to pain it is postponed to next week .if internal checkup nahi huva tho normal delivary ka chances kam hey kya muhje bathavona plz guys I am very tensed also plz give me a tips for normal delivary
Answer: Hello Dnt panic.internal check up lets you know about ur cervix.if its open or ready to get opened and dilation.iska aur normal delivery ka relation nahi hein.but aap pain sustain karne ke liye prepared rehna.pains start hone ke baadh aisa checkup internally hota rehata hein.
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Question: Hi mam mera beta ku body heat hain...cold cloth use kiya tho kam nahi huva....
Answer: If baby has more heat then you keep the room temperature cool as well as use light cotton clothes, and for bathing use Luke warm water. And keep the skin nourished as these things will help to maintain heat and also prevents heartburn rashes.
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Question: Aaj baby ka movement nai huva. Kya normal hai ek din nahi huva to??
Answer: There won't be any issue.. but ideally you should visit your doc once.. they will just do one quick scan and check baby heart beat. You will feel relief.
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Question: Hi mam mey 34week pregnant tha mey niche sore kuch prblm hothi kya nahi tho its normal Hey kya
Answer: Hi,aao neeche Sona avoid kijiye because use aapko backache and vagina discomfort due to preassure ho sakta Hain.
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