2 years old baby

Question: A to z drop is suggested by d paedtric as my baby dont want to eat anything i m frustrated doc said dis medicit will boost his appetite but still in vain.friends what to do he also suffers from consistent diarrhoea every 3 month

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Answer: Hello dear Following Tips u can try to increase ur babys appetite : Compulsory breakfast Offer water 30 minutes before meal time Feed ur baby after every 2 hrs Snacks should be healthy such as muesli or cereal Dont give too much milk to ur baby, rather give some meal to eat Offer some favorite food to ur baby Offer smaller bites to ur baby Yoghurt is a must Dont give oily food Ask ur baby to play more
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    Dolly Srivastava840 days ago

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Question: My baby is 2years n 7months old.his bad habit is as soon as he get up he dont want to eat anything minimum 2 to 3 hours.he wil go school without his breakfast?he doesnt want to eat at all.he is just 10kg.hw is vry lean n thin bt he is active child.m really worried 4 his growth n weight?
Answer: Hi dear, I had same issue when my baby was same age. Generally babies are fussy in eating and you should keep on offering new food so that baby can be excited to eat. You can give milk, home made burger, you can make egg bhurji or omlet. Use different breakfast regularly so that baby could eat.
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Question: My daughter is 1yr 9mnths old. She doesn't want to eat anything and dr. Said that she needs vit B6 & 12.he wrote also a multivit. But she dont want to take the syrup. What should i do for her
Answer: You can do the following 1 divert her mind while giving her dose 2 you can buy some dropper which can easily help u too 3 you can buy some fancy spoon or any utensil which she like go on firstcry there are so many
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Question: Hi, my baby doesn't want to eat anything i tried everything as per his pediatrician advice but still he refuse to eat. Plz advise what should i do..
Answer: Try giving banana. He will like it. Slowly feed little by little when you are dining and introduce tastes.. he should be hungry so plan your timings between feeds. A proper schedule is good
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