37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: A single live intrauterine fetus of avg gestational AFI-6.6 MILD oligohydramnis. Single loose loop of cord around fetal neck. Fetal MCA PI is borderline low. Is this normal or it's something serious?

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Question: Single loop of cord around fetal neck is any problem
Answer:   Hello dear , Don't worry it's happen. umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck is a very common concern among pregnant women, it rarely causes a problem. Lots of babies are born with the cord around their neck or other body parts. It really depends on how tight the cord is and what else is going on. If cord is not tight, normal delivery possible otherwise c section.
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Question: Single loop of cord around fetus neck..is it dangerous?
Answer: Hi Generally loose cords are present around babies neck due to excess movements or due to lengthy cord, they are not serious if loose. However you can consult doctor and get monitored regularly.
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Question: In my reports it is showing single loose loop of umbilical cord seen around fetal neck....so anything is serious??
Answer: Nothing to worry.... Due to baby movement cord is looped around neck and sometimes with the movement the loop is removed.
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