36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: A little white discharge from my vagina occurred today morning nd yestrday only I went for general checkup so my gynaecologist said if you feel any kind of discharge then visit us. Shall I go or wait for Sometime plz suggest.

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Answer: highest you should consult your doctor is the doctor is asked you to cancel this white discharge can be release of mucus plug this is a healthy signed is indicate that the body is getting prepared for the labour
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Question: Today morning at 10.30 i noticed little light brown discharge when i went for washroom but at 1.15 pm it was again white discharge. Is it normal? Why it happened?
Answer: Yes dear, This is a normal colour change. It happens when the blood is older and not being expelled from the body quickly. Temporary thick heavy flow isn't necessarily a cause for concern. You should worry when it won't stop and comes red in colour.
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Question: I am 12 week pregant on this 16 th il be in 4 month yestrday i had sex nd then from today morning i have stomach pain nd white discharge ..is it harmful or should i avoid sex from now
Answer: Hello. It is very unsafe to have sex or masturbate. Due to many harmones ur immunity level will be low. fingering could cause infection in ur vagina or cervix. in ur first or last last trimester of pregnancy as it could cause bleeding cramping and discharge as the vaginal muscle may rupture pls dont engage in sex it might lead to complications and preterm labour due to the muscle being stimulated. Second trimester is safe to have sex. But try position suitable positions.
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Question: Today i found a little amount of pinkish discharge for a minute and then again it changed to white discharge. Is there any problem regarding this? Shall i consult a doctor?
Answer: Hi dear, Pinkish discharge in first trimester is quite normal for some ladies,but if the color is bright red and heavy,it could be risky.you must consult with doctor no matter how light or dark the discharge is.it may not be risky,but it's always better to check with your doctor.to sum up,any discharges with red or brown tinge could be risky and should not be ignored.early detection could help you from any complications.
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