36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 9th month mein pineapple juice pee skte h..???

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Answer: Hello!Pineapple juice generally 9 months mein pi sakte hain. But better hain ek baar doctor se consult kar lena.
Answer: yes
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Question: hii everyone...kya 9th mnth m pineapple juice le skte h koi prblm to nhi h
Answer: Many people told me pineapple is very gud at 9th month. As it softens ur pelvic muscels n induces labour
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Question: Pineapple juice 9th month lo thagacha
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can eat pineapple, it has an enzyme, that helps soften the cervix and induces labor. One more reason is it stimulates your stomach, which then causes contractions in your uterus. It will, therefore, bring on your labor. It is better to confirm with your dieteican before consumption. Take care.
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Question: Pineapple juice thagacha 9th month lo...
Answer: Yes in limited quantity only. Don't drink too much
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Question: ky me pineapple juice pee skti hu.
Answer: Hello dear Sometimes eating pineapple is recommended as a natural way of starting labour. But for the pineapple to cause contractions, you would have to eat extremely large quantities of it. So if you eat this fruit in moderation, you can benefit from it's nutrients without worrying about it's impact on your pregnancy or baby. Note---- u should also consult with your doctor.
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