36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 9month starter m having severe cough n cold due to which i cant breath easily what shd i do m fed up

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Answer: You can also try honey one tablespoon with table spoon of haldi mix it well and have before going to bed don't drink water try it for 3 days I m sure it will help u I also try this remedy for my cough
Answer: Visit to Dr cold and cough is not good for you and babby
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Question: nowadays i have a breathing problem. i cant breath easily thats why . wat can i do?
Answer: I understand your concern, i too faced the same problem 😕.. The cause for shortness of breath is due to hormone that increases during pregnancy. Sleep with a raised pillow.. Usually it's nothing to be concerned about, but it's best to check with your doctor, since lots of things can cause shortness of breath.
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Question: My baby having cough & cold what can i do
Answer: Hello dear,..cold.cough is quite common in know..my baby used to often have it😒...but I hardly used any medicines..tried giving warm fluids like water and soups...rubbed her chest with warm mustard oil,and kept giving her steam..it kinda help d her most of the time...hope it helps your baby too....
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Question: I m getting cough and uncomfortable to breath easily . Any home remedies ??
Answer: Drink hot water and tea that will help you in recovering from cough
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