38 weeks pregnant mother

9 cm amniotic fluid is less or ok for baby my 37 week is running my latest sonography shown yhis pls telll dr sumaiya or anyone pls telll

This level is OK mam. Nothing to be worried about. At the same time, I had level around 7-8, and doctors used to say it's manageable and will be no problems to the baby.
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    Reshma Mishra44 days ago

    thanks a lot dear vanita

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Question: In my latest sonography found that amniotic fluid is 25 % less . Is it risky ? Or harmful for the child?
Answer: Drink more and more fluids to bring it to normal level. Or ask doctor to prescribe some sachets like arginine to increase afl. Fluid level more than 7 is manageable at this level and is not too risky.
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Question: M 37 week pregnent mom...amniotic fluid is 5mm... my dr suggests me for c section...is it ok
Answer: Hello, Dear amniotic fluid is the water that covers baby and provide nutrition to baby.so your amniotic fluid is very less and it will decrease in coming weeks also so it can cause some complications for baby. You are in your 37 week so baby is fully term and mature so there is no harm in doing a c section now.. Don't worry it's completely safe and good for baby...
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Question: What must be amniotic fluid level n length of cervix at the end of week 37. Length of cervix 3cm & amniotic fluid level 16 cm is ok ??
Answer: AFI level in 37 week 8-18 is considered normal The normal cervical length is 3.0 to 3.5cm
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