34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 8 th month ke 15 dino me mera weight sirf adha kilo hi badha hai to kya kuchh problem hogi ???

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Question: 7 month pregnancy me mera sirf 4 kg weight badha hai kya ye normal hai
Answer: Hello! Pregnancy mein total weight gain 12-15 kgs hota chahiye. Uske hisab se 7 th month mein apka weight gain utna nehi hain. Kosis karein jyada se jyada protein rich diet lena ka. Jaise soybeans, milk twice with protein powder (prescribed by doctor), eggs, chicken, paneer, dahi masoor dal and dry fruits. Uske saath jyada green leafy vegetables aur seasonal fruits lein. Khub pani pijiye aur proper rest lein. Niche apko ek diet deti hoon, hopefully help hoga. 1. 2 glasses of milk daily 2. 2 bowl of daal 3. Curd , salads, buttermilk, 4. Dry fruits 5. Whole grains 6. Seasonal fruits 7. Bowl of veggies 8. 4 litres of water daily 9. Protein rich diet 10. Iron rich diet like spinach, dates, kiwi, carrots, beetroot
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Question: Mera 5th month hai or mera weight start se hi 40 hai abhi tak sirf 1 kilo bada
Answer: Hello dear For most women, pregnancy weight gain comes all too easily. But for others, the problem isn’t gaining too much weight — it’s not gaining enough. Whether due to metabolism, body issues, morning sickness, appetite loss or another medical reason, not gaining enough weight can put you at greater risk of pregnancy complications. So, have proper diet and drink plenty of water.
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Question: Hello..i m7th month pregnent Baby weight aur growth is good but mera weight abhitak sirf 5 kg badha..isse koi problem to nhi hogi
Answer: Hi! Generally, 0-2 kgs can be gained in the first trimester and then 1-2 kg per month during pregnancy. So, in 7 months you can gain 4- 10 kg. It should be fine as your baby growth is good then please don’t worry.
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