31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 8 months pregnent and having orange...yellow colour urine is there any problem

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Answer: Hello dear,  Usually when your urine is orange or dark in color, you need more water. Just plain water. Sometimes when you take your prenatal or other vitamin or drink coffee it can change the color of your urine. I suggest a couple of really large glasses of water. If that doesn't help then, call your doctor.
Answer: no mam koi problem nahi hai aap orange le rahi hai aur saath mein iron calcium ki tablet bI le rahi hogi is wajah se urine ka colour yellow dark aa raha hoga yeh normal hai Kabhi urine ka colour dark yellow or light yellow pregnancy mein hota hai.
Answer: Hello dear drink plenty of water daily drinking atleast 3ltr water juice items.. Karik is best.. Pregnency time urin infection is common so care.. Drink lemon juice.. And check your urine you have more difficult consult your doctor..
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Question: The first urine colour is dark yellow. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hi dear, yes that is normal. It is because of the long gap, and also the hormonal changes. Don't worry. Drink lots of water and buttermilk daily. Frequently go pass urine, so that the toxins are flushed out and the urine color is lighter.
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Question: Dark yellow urine is there any problem
Answer: Hi. Dark urine can be because you are not having enough water. So please have 2-3 ltr water daily. As having less water will lead to UTI and low amniotic fluid. Good luck.
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Question: Today my urine is in dark yellow and reddish colour is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear. Reddish urine is not a good sign so please consult gynae and report this to her. Dark yellow happens due to dehydration but it should not be reddish. It could be due to urine infection so please see your gynae immediately. Hope it helps.
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