1 months old baby

Question: 8 had 15 days old baby baby's bilirubin level is 6. 0 mg /dl is this is danger pls help me

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Question: My baby girl is 15 days old n her bilirubin range is Total bilirubin:11.1 mg/dl. Indirect bilirubin:1.5 mg/dl and Indirect bilirubin is 0.6 mg/dl.docter asked to visit tommorow.i m worried.what to do??
Answer: Hello dear.. neonatal jaundice is quite common in newborns,it is caused due to increase in billrubin value,can be checked after72 hours of birth,if the value is high, doctor will suggest phototherapy for few days,don't worry dear,it will gradually decrease,since you are breast-feeding you can have more water,juice,tender coconut,and feed your baby,it Wii helps in reducing billrubin value,after discharge show your baby in morning sunlight from 7-8am,it is rich with natural vitamin D,helps a lot in reducing billrubin value and it is a great immunity booster for newborns
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Question: Bilirubin level is 3.3 mg/dl is normal fr 5 days baby?
Answer: Hi,it is slightly high,please.consulr to your Dr for this.
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Question: My 5 days old daughter serum bilirubin level 14.2 mg/dl. Please tell us any remedy.
Answer: Put your baby in morning sunlight.it will redused.
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