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Question: 8 days more left for my periods I can have sex & get pregnant

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Answer: Stop now Chances are low now
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Question: I have irregular periods can I get pregnant??
Answer: Yes possible is there.You will find your Ovulation time be intercourse with that time
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Question: I have more 8 days for periods can I have intercourse everyday
Answer: It will not help to have intercourse daily. Plan for days around ovulation. It will be better if you use bbt charts to mark your day of ovulation. Please note a sperm can stay for 5 days.
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Question: Hello can i get pregnant if i had intercourse 3 days before my periods start?
Answer: No dear you you will not get pregnant if you have intercourse three days before your periods. you will be pregnant if you will have sex in 12 to 17 days of your period.
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