8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 7th week me baby ki heart beat ajati h kya

1 Answers
Answer: Normal pregnancy baby heart formed and started functioning from 6 weeks onwards. It's better to take the scan around 8 weeks to check pregnancy progress and fetal heart rate. Hope it helps.
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Question: How much heart beat should be there in 7th -9th week
Answer: Hello dear .. generally baby heart baby heart haa no pattern . It is come around 120-180 bpm ..
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Question: Yes aur baby ki heart beat b nhi aae h
Answer: Hey dear generally heatbeat comes in 5 or 6 weeks .but in few cases it comes late as in 7 or 8 weeks .in rare its comes in 9 weeks too .so wait for 8 to 10 days more then again go 4 scan .
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Question: I am 7 week pregnent my baby heart beat 171
Answer: Hello dear there is any pattern of baby heart beat . Generally baby heart beat came around 120-180 bpm. This is normal .
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